Generic Premarin: the best way to cope with postmenopausal symptoms

Generic Premarin is a medicine containing natural estrogen which is a female hormone being essential for women health. Various diseases are caused with lack of this hormone. If a woman of child bearing age lacks estrogens then it causes infertility. However generic Premarin is commonly administered to women who are unable to produce estrogens on their own. Lack of estrogens is considered to be a norm in women after 45 years old. With age the production of natural estrogen gets decreased and women begin to experience symptoms causing sufficient discomfort of life. Generic Premarin is used to ease these symptoms. Estrogen ensures normal female development. Lack of estrogen in youth leads to narrow hips and small breasts. A girl gets a manly stature.

Warning! Manly stature does not necessarily indicate the lack of estrogen. Lack of this hormone can be detected only via blood tests.

What is generic Premarin?

Premarin is an estrogen hormone which is essential for women’s health. Without proper levels of estrogens a woman can not produce healthy eggs, her uterus is unable to grow proper endometrium to take an egg and get it implanted.

Generic PremarinEstrogens are normally produced in a healthy female body. With age levels of estrogens get decreased causing discomfort in female body. The most evident symptoms of lack of estrogen are itching and dryness of vagina, flashes, inflammations of vagina, urethra and uterus. Some women report visual changes of the labia. Lack of estrogens lead to minimization of normal vaginal discharge causing dryness and extreme discomfort during sexual intercourses. Some women can not have sex without additional lubricants or condoms. Lack of this essential female hormone leads to infertility. The decrease of estrogen production in female body is a sign of upcoming menopause. Unfortunately this condition can not be delayed, but women are recommended to buy premarin online to ease the symptoms.

The only possible way to delay menopause in aged women is late pregnancy. Late pregnancy is a risky and even life threatening condition. But pregnancy naturally stimulates a female female body to produce all vital hormones to bear a baby. This information should not be considered as recommendation. It is only a factual evidence.

Generic Premarin is the same estrogen which s marketed under the brand name given by a producer. This is the same effective and safe medication. But the benefits for you to buy Premarin online are evident. It is cheaper and will be delivered faster than you will find it in your local pharmacy store. Moreover to buy this hormone drug online you do not need a prescription from your doctor. Mind that this review provides you complete information on the drug. It is only of recommendatory character. Talk to your doctor whether you need premarin or not.

What conditions does generic Premarin treat?

First of all, it should be noted that Premarin and its generic forms are only prescription medicines. You must never take the drug even if you witness a full scope of signs of upcoming menopause. The matter is that the key symptoms of menopause are much alike the symptoms of various diseases. Flashes can be a result of neuropathy. Itching, burning, dryness of vagina and labia as well as sufficient changes of vaginal discharge can point to sexual diseases and infections or disbacteriosis. Changes of mood and overall feeling sick can be symptoms of physical or psychological stress. That is why testing and examinations are of ultimate importance in diagnostics of menopause. Only your doctor can prescribe you treatment. Moreover the prescriptions can be done only basing upon disease history blood and vaginal swab tests.

Generic Premarin is prescribed to treat the next conditions in women:

Vaginal discomfort due excessive dryness and soreness if these conditions are not caused with infections, inflammations and some sexual and urinary diseases.

  • Vulva discomfort caused with soreness, redness and severe itching. Mind that these conditions are most commonly caused with disbacteriosis of vulva. Only medical tests can detect what causes discomfort. Never start taking Premarin or any other hormonal drugs if you are not sure (even more, if you are not examined and tested in the clinic) to treat such conditions.
  • Urination discomfort: increased frequency of urination, urges to urinate right again after urination, pain and burning or itching during urination.
  • Sexual discomfort: dryness which causes an impossibility of sexual penetration in the vagina, pain or itching during or right after sexual intercourse. Some women also report swelling of labia and redness after sex.

Hormones are natural substances produced by human body. Hormonal imbalance leads to breaks and dysfunctions in multiple organs. Generic Premarin is a hormonal drug which sufficiently changes the hormonal balance of a human body.

There is another use of Premarin. The drug is used in males during male to female surgery to make a male body “think” it is female. This is called hormone replacement therapy.

How to use Premarin in different risk groups of patients

Premarin is tolerated differently by different groups of patients. In this section you will find essential information on how to use generic Premarin in allergic people as well as in patients with specific diseases.

Generic Premarin and allergic patients

A patient may present a allergic response to any drug if such reaction have already been presented in response to other medications. However, considering that Premarin is a substance (the estrogen) which is naturally produced by human body, allergic reactions to this medications are of low probability.

Still we recommend to warn your therapist of any case of allergy it being a response to some medications, foods or drinks, environmental factors of products of daily care. It is important to report a case of allergy as soon as possible to your health care provider. As Premarin is a hormone containing drug which is prescribed to normalize hormonal balance and in most cases to substitute a lack of hormone in female body, then a dosage must not be missed. Thus if you notice allergy and you associate the case only with the drug, then contact your doctor as soon as possible, to get recommendations for other estrogen replacing medicines.

Premarin in children

Premarin in any of its forms must not be used in children. This is a medication for treating mature women entering menopause. If a kid will take a pill or dosage of premarin medicine you must immediately call the emergency. Even a single dosage of the drug may result in sever consequences as hormonal imbalance which in its turn will need to be treated with other hormonal medicines.

Never use Premarin in children of any age. Moreover the drug should not be given to girls and women of the age 18-45 if they do not perform the signs of upcoming menopause.

Premarin in elderly women

Aged patients commonly have chronic diseases and additional dosages of hormone will worsen some conditions. As premarin is not used without prescription, then your doctor will warn you about potential risks of taking Premarin. However at the age of 65 and older a female body commonly gets adjusted to lowering or critically low levels of female hormones and does not perform unwanted symptoms.

Premarin in pregnant women

Premarin is forbidden for administration to pregnant patients as the medicine provokes life threatening birth defects.

When Premarin is prescribed?

While in case a patient shows some symptoms of upcoming menopause Premarin is an alternative to other treatments, there are cases when premarin is a forced solution. These cases are as follows:

  • hysterectomy – a surgical removal of uterus and tissues
  • ovariectomy – a surgical removal of ovaries and tubes
  • mastectomy – a surgical removal of breasts

All of these organs are hormone sensitive tissues. Ovaries produce hormones as well. Removal of one or several of these organs from female body gives a brain a sign that a lower level of certain hormones is needed. When the level of hormones changes then a woman experiences listed discomforting symptoms.

Premarin is prescribed to women who naturally enter menopause to ease the symptoms.

When Premarin is impossible?

Premarin is a safe medication if used as it is indicated by the manufacturer. Any offlabel use can increase the risks of getting unwanted effects as well as can cause lethal outcomes. This section will discuss the cases when generic premarin is impossible to take. Moreover these are cases when none of the hormonal medications will be possible.

These cases are as follows:

  • breast cancer –
  • ovaries cancer
  • uterus cancer
  • endometriosis
  • various diseases and structural failures of endometrium
  • various fibroid tumors in uterus (especially) and in other parts of body (less critical)
  • thyroid diseases and tumors (these can also be hormone dependent tumors)
  • bleedings rectal and vaginal of unknown genesis

Premarin will worsen all of the listed cases as most of the listed diseases are caused with hormonal changes in the body.

Moreover numerous studies and practical cases of patients have proved that this medication increases the risk of uterus and breast cancer. However these risks are associated only with long term usage. This does not mean that you can take safely Premarin for a short term treatment. This indicates that Premarin will induce any of hormone dependent processes in a female or male body. That is why it is of ultimate importance to pass all necessary tests to rule out all possible cases of malignant processes in any tissues of the body as well as cancer tumors.

If a proper examination is neglected, then the risks of development of cancer are very high.

How to take Premarin?

Premarin is a hormone which is prescribed to replace normally produced estrogen in the female body. If the body is not able to produce enough of this hormone a woman loses her female health. Our body produces hormones in equal “dosages” and in pulsing rhythm of certain intervals. This determines how you should take the hormone.

buy premarin onlineFollow the instructions and recommendations of manufacturer if they do not contradict the indications from your doctor. We advice to follow your therapist recommendations as every case is individual and every woman will need different dosages of hormone to feel well. When the level of estrogens in female body is checked then the lab indicates the critical standards (meaning the lowest and the highest level permissible). And the variance is rather big. That is why every woman will need her own dosage of hormone.

Moreover in the first phase of usage a woman should keep contact with her doctor and should report all her conditions and changes. If the conditions get worse, then the doctor will correct the treatment. In most cases one phase is enough to normalize a dosage to an optimum one with which a woman will feel well.

However the full beneficial effect of the premarin can only be seen after at least four months or regular intake. Thus you can buy premarin online in advance and get sufficient discount for your bulk order.

After this period a doctor may lower the dosage or leave it the same. Your doctor will prescribe you necessary dosages and form. The medicine is available in various forms: as pills, vaginal cream and rings and suppository. Pills are the best form as it is convenient to take a pill when it is time of the intake. With vaginal inserts you will not feel as free as with pills. Moreover to take the next dosage of Premarin at a certain time you will need proper conditions and relax state of mind to complete the insertion successfully. Imagine being out when the time of the next dosage is coming. Talk to your doctor which is the better form for you to use.


Generic Premarin is a perfect solution for women who enter naturally into menopause or who are forced into menopause due to removal of ovaries, uterus or breasts. If taken moderately and properly following all the instructions and recommendations you will pass this phase of life easily and without commonly reported discomforts.